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Writing Activity: Story Element Grid Writing Game
Written by Tiffany in Michigan
2nd Grade Teacher

Creative story writing idea for grades 3-6; can be modified for grades 1-2


Students already know or have been introduced to the elements in a story (characters, setting, problem, solution).

  • 6x3 square grid (or smaller depending on grade),
  • pencil,
  • 1 die,
  • story element planning sheet
  • writing paper or notebook for drafting story.


1. Students receive a 6x3 square grid. Modify to a smaller grid size depending on level.

2. Students write the headings (above each column). Above column 1 write "characters," above column 2 write "settings," above column 3 write "problems."

3. Students then complete the grid listing 6 examples for the characters, setting, and problem. You can do this together with younger students.

4. Students roll a die to determine their story's characters, setting and problem. For example, if they 1st roll a 2, they look at the character box that is numbered down the side with a 2. Then, they roll again to determine their problem. If they roll a six, they look at the sixth box under the setting column. They do the same to determine the problem for their story. They can roll again if they choose to have two characters in their story.

5. Students could then think of a solution that fits they're problem. You may want to have students complete a planning sheet in order to organize the elements of their story. They should list their character(s), setting, problem and solution on the planning sheet.

6. Now they are ready to draft their story. Students tend to enjoy writing stories using this idea; especially if the are "stuck" and have "writer's block." They generally turn out to be quite creative in the end. Students can write these for fun and/or take them through the writing process to publish.
Webmaster note:  What a great idea, Tiffany!  I used to do this with my classes as well!  They love to make stories from the random choices they roll on the die.  Thank you for sharing this idea!

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