Thanksgiving Writing Activity - Pilgrim Chores

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A Thanksgiving Writing Activity
Pilgrim Chores Compare/Contrast
Written by Dawn in Texas
Kindergarten Teacher

We read some non-fiction books about Pilgrims and the chores that they do. I have my children write about chores that they do at home. We compare/contrast our chores to their chores. We also make Mosaic Pilgrim (boy and girl) heads to display with our writing.

Here are some pictures of the mosaics and the writing:

Webmaster note:  Wow Dawn!  It's amazing that you have your kindergarteners writing this well so early in the year!  The writing/art project is a great way to teach kids about pilgrim life and the importance of taking responsibility.  Many thanks for sharing this idea... and the pictures!

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Pilgrim Mosaic
Daisy, the Pilgrim girl mosaic

Thanksgiving Writing Project
After reading about Pilgrim chores, this kindergarten student wrote about his own chores at home.  The paper reads, "I feed my cat.  I make my bed.  I brush my teeth."
Pilgrim Project
Pilgrim boy mosaic

Thanksgiving Writing
Dominic writes about his chores too.  "I  get food for my (baby?)."