Three Quick Writing Ideas

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Thanksgiving Writing Project:  Native American Symbol Writing
Webmaster note:  Thanks for sharing these excellent ideas Marta, Tricia, and Jennifer!

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Super Teacher Ideas
Snowflake Similes
Submitted by Marta in Nebraska
Grade 5 Teacher

To connect similes to the holiday season, we make Snowflake Similes. Students can make many different snowflakes (coffee filter, cut-out, etc.), and then write a simile about winter on the snowflake. Example: The snow glistens like diamonds. 

A Turkey's Perspective
Submitted by Tricia in Maryland
Third Grade teacher

I had my students write a persuasive paragraph. They had to write a paragraph using the turkey's perspective describing why they don't think that the turkey should be eaten on Thanksgiving. The students had to include three supporting details describing the turkey's point of view. 

"Pass the Story"
Submitted by Jennifer in New Jersey
3rd Grade teacher

I have students sit in a group of four or five. Then I start the timer. Each child has a blank piece of paper in front of them. I have them write for 5-15 minutes and then they pass it to the next person. That next person must continue the story. After everyone has contributed to each story, the children share their end result.